About Us

On July 1, 1999 the Windsor Port Authority replaced the Windsor Harbour Commission and became one of eighteen independently managed Canada Port Authorities created under the new Canada Marine Act passed in 1998. The new Windsor Port Authority continues to administer federal lands within the Port and to serve as a collective spokesperson for the port users representing their interests on various municipal, provincial, and federal issues.

Under its new mandate, the Windsor Port Authority has greater management flexibility than before including increased freedom to develop contracts and leases related to land and facilities, to set tariffs and fees, and to borrow money from commercial sources.

Vision Statement

Connect Windsor-Essex to the World.   

Mission Statement

Port Windsor will be the catalyst that transforms the future of the Windsor-Essex region as a hub of integrated international transportation. 

Port Windsor is a Steward of Prosperity

We are the advocate and catalyst for our marine transportation resources as an engine for economic and social prosperity, and environmental protection and security.

  1. Economic Stewardship  Port Windsor is a partner and the essential link between government, industry, and customer, and serves as the catalyst that provides awareness, opportunity, and removes barriers to success.
  2. Social Stewardship  Port Windsor provides the leadership and commitment to promote the common marine economic and social interests of both customer and community.
  3. Environmental Stewardship  Port Windsor ensures the safe and sustainable development of our marine transportation resources.